Devstack on EC2 via Ansible

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So you want to get an instance of OpenStack running to poke around and see what all the fuss is about without going insane. Welcome to Devstack. Once Devstack is setup you will have access to a web-based control panel with prepopulated data and instances. You will also be able to explore the OpenStack API with v2.0 and v3 authentication (keystone).

devstack webpanel


git clone
cd playbook-devstack/
sudo ansible-galaxy install -r requirements.yml
  • Create an ec2 elastic ip address and override the playbook variable ec2_elastic_ip.
  • Map a domain/subdomain in route53 (or other dns service) to your elasic ip address. (i.e.
  • Set your webportal login password by overriding the playbook variable nova_password


Be aware that the playbook may take > 20 minutes on an ec2 instance to complete.

ansible-playbook site.yml -i ','

When finished you should be able to visit and login using demo / nova_password. You should then see the webpanel similar to the image above. The v2.0 and v3 APIs are accessabile via and


So things maybe didn’t go according to plan. Here are some playbook invocation variations that you can be used to execute a subset of the tasks.

  • Do not provision a new ec2 instance. Only run the devstack install task.
ansible-playbook site.yml -i ',' -vvvv --tags "devstack_setup"
  • Do not provision a new ec2 instance nor run the devstack install task. Only run the vm instance creation tasks.
ansible-playbook site.yml -i ',' -vvvv --tags "devstack_nova"

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