topamax once a day


  • James.

    Can I use TIP120 to control a DC motor (just ON/OFF)?
    What about an optocoupler betwin Rpi and TIP120?

  • leffe

    Very nice tutorial.

    What rgb strip have you bought?

    Thanks in advance,

  • Mark


    Did you not use any resistors anywhere?
    You were OK just connecting the GPIO direct to the base of the TIP120?
    Finally, do they run hot? Do you not need heatsinks on them?



  • Rumsfeld

    Can you create every colour with this interesting project or is only power on / power of of each coulour possible? I mean,: is dimming possible?

  • How would you do something similar to turn on/off a 12V IR LED array? I would want to trigger the IR LED array on/off depending on input from a Passive IR sensor (I can interface with the PIR already)

  • LeVolatile

    Personally, I would NEVER hookup like this. If for any reason, one of the transistors get a collector-base short, 12V will be fed back to GPIO and toast the Pi. Opto-couplers is required for safe operation and heat sinks for transistors.